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Pivot City Rules

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Pivot City Rules
-Excessive foul language will not be tolerated. (limit is 3 per post) (First offense: Verbal Warning, Second Offense: Board Waring)

-Spamming. posting unnecessary or useless comments not relating to the thread (First Offense: Verbal Warning, Second Offense: Board Warning, Third Offense: 7 day Suspension)

-Illegal Bumping.Do not post in topics over 14 days since the last post (First offense: Verbal Warning, Second Offense: Board Waring)

-Flamming. Do not make others mad on purpose/rudely comment on a particular person (First offense: Verbal Warning, Second Offense: Board Waring)

If the topic is over 14 days old, the owner of the topic is allowed to "bump" the topic. You MUST add some sort of image or animation to the post. Those who do NOT own the topic, you may not post in it if 7 days old.

-Flamming is when you taunt, mock, or insult the other member to insanity. This is rude and immature. You can't urge the other member to flame YOU, this will be an immediate board warning.
-Do not harass,threaten,embarrass,cause distress,or lower the self esteem of individuals
-Criticism.All criticism should be fine so long as it's constructive.

-Signatures/Avatars.do not use over sized signatures/Avatars.large images or animations are not allowed
do not overload signatures with to much text/inappropriate text.
do not have a flashy signature
if you do not follow the rules your signature will be deleted

Advertising.Advertising is not naturally accepted.User must have min 200 to post a thread about their website//forum
user must then post the add in the user announcements
blogs and youtube channels are accepted unlimited

ChatBox.when chatting in the chatbox remember to keep the language used appropriate.no porn related talk and be sure the swearing you use is only mild.
only speak english when in chatbox.do not use any other language you know or use a internet translator.
when posting a link,image,or video in the chatbox make sure they are within the rules above
Text talk is allowed in the chat
do not overload chat with smilies of spam the chatbox

Staff rules
(Admins,Mods,S mods)
do not abuse your power
no unneeded bans,locked threads,deleted post or edited posts.
same rules apply in the chatbox

These are immediate.

-Pornographic, homosexual, XXX images. (this includes talking sexually with or about another member.)

-Excessive foul language. (you go on a cussing spree)

-Spamming. (If extreme)

-Flamming. (If extreme)

-Multi-Accounts. (Second Account will be banned, Original Account has 24 hour Suspension)
Remember to stay active!

"Being a user on Pivot City is not a right, but a privilege. Moderators and admins are allowed to take that privilege away at any time they find necessary. If you believe you've been wrongly punished, contact a board administrator."
Do not insult the forum in ANY manner.
~credits to sky/valor/wølf for original rules
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